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Tom Wolfe exhibiting an impressive feat of strength by hoisting this monster St. Bernard puppy.

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    The Montana Farrier Supply - Mike Williams Clinic was held at the Livingston Fairgrounds on Friday September 28th. It was a revival of the fall clinic Mike was putting on in the early aughts (21st century). This is something that Susan Thomas at Montana Farrier Supply intends to continue as an annual fall clinic in Livingston.

    This year Josh Stanley got the ball rolling and organized the event with basically about three weeks of lead time. The event was FREE to the public, and we had a great turnout of about 65 attendees. We had the following six speakers:

    Bryce Kawasaki, CJF talked about clips (how to forge them and their function) as well as how to add traction to a horseshoe, focusing mainly on torch and forge-applied borium.

    Earl Craig, CJF talked about the use of Vettec EquiPak—how to use it and its purpose, as well as well as offering some pointers to aid in its application.

    Shannon Moreaux, DVM (local veterinarian) talked about working on sedated horses, focusing mainly on the use of Dormosodan gel—an oral sedative that has recently become more and more common.

    Glen Johnshoy, CJF talked about trimming and mediolateral balance, and also offered a number of shoeing insights/observations that he’s gathered over his many years in the trade.

    Tom Wolfe, CJF talked about tool maintenance, including tongs, nippers, rasps, hammers and hammer handles. He even had something interesting to show us about beer bottles.

    Josh Stanley, CJF, AWCF wrapped things up with a talk on various horseshoe heels—how to make them, fit them, and their different purposes.

    Mike Williams was in attendance. He brought along a large vat of baked beans, and a stack of copies of his book Horseshoe Reflections, which he was handing out for free! He has been busy lately working on a new book, which I know a number of people are already looking forward to.

    For lunch we had hot dogs, beans, potato salad, etc. Thank you Cole McElroy for working the grill. And thank you Tyler Meeks for operating the camera.

    All of the speakers donated their time—a big thank you goes out to them. As I said, we hope to see this happen again next September.

Bryce Kawasaki showing how to draw a clip.

        The 2nd Annual Bozeman Winterfest Contest took place on Feb. 16 & 17 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.  Our judge and clinician was Mr. Dusty Franklin, CJF.  We had a great turnout, and tons of prizes to give away.

    If you missed it, here’s a brief recap.  Saturday began with a morning forging clinic with Dusty.  He made several of the contest shoes for us, and all the while discussed his forging techniques.  Dusty is very good at simplifying the way he does things so everyone can learn.

    After noon the three forging classes took place.  Each Division had specific shoes to make and specimens made by Dusty to emulate.  For a complete list of shoes, visit the 2013 Winterfest page.

    Sunday again began with a clinic - this time spent with Dusty trimming and shoeing a horse.  He talked about how to get the basics accomplished, since the basics tend to keep horses sound.  Dusty’s ability to fit his trim is always quite impressive.

    After the clinic, there was a quick Eagle Eye.  Congratulations to Cole McElroy for winning that from Div. 1!  Then the top finishers in Div. 2 and 3 began the shoeing portion of the contest, while Div. 1 had one final forging class.  There was some great work done, and here’s how the final results came back:

Div. 1

1. Cole McElroy

2. Ryan O’Masters

3. Caleb French

Div. 2

1. Miles Learn

2. Mike Wipf

3. Adam Gable

Div. 3

1. Josh Stanley

2. Jeff Hampton

3. Derrick Miller

    The MPHA would like to thank all of our sponsors: RDO Equipment, Days Inn, General Distributing, the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, and Northwestern Energy.  We also must mention all the great people who donated prizes: Montana Farrier Supply, World Championship Blacksmiths, Flatland Forge, Tosaky Forge, Mike Williams of W-Brand, Montana Equine Medical Surgical Center, Three Forks Saddlery, R.O. Brooks Leather, Sunlight Forge, Heartland Horseshoeing School, and Sizzlestick Welding.  Thanks to Kyd Kelley for putting so much work into getting prizes!

A captivated audience.

Dusty Franklin hot fitting his shoe for the shoeing clinic.

Upcoming Events

        The 3rd Annual Winterfest Contest will be Feb. 15-16 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in Bozeman, MT.  This year we’ve got Lamar Weaver, CJF, from the 2013 American Farriers Team as our judge and clinician.

    Saturday will start with a forging clinic with Lamar in the morning, followed by an afternoon full of forging competition.  Sunday we’ll have a Speed Forging class, a 2 Person class, and then the Live Shoeing, with the Top 5 competitors from Div. 1, 2, and 3 working on horses.

    Entry fees are $125 for Div. 1 and $175 for Div. 2 and 3.  2 Person team is $30 per person.

  1. May 2-3 - AFA Certification in Sheridan, WY

  2. May 24 - MT Farrier Supply Clinic featuring Dallas Morgan, CJF in Livingston, MT

  3. June 7-8 - Clinic with Jeremiah Harris, CJF, TE, AWCF, in Bozeman, MT